HISTORY - 72-73-74

Back in style. Back to play. It all began when Mr. Georges Khabbaz opened a fashion workshop in 1960 in Souk Ayass specializing in the manufacture of children's clothes. He later opened his first shop “Khabbaz” in 1967 in the same location, followed by Souk Tawilé in Jounieh in 1975. Within 40 years, Khabbaz was established in more than 30 regions and 5 countries. Adored by both parents and children, Khabbaz was a leading specialty retailer of high quality clothing and accessories for children as well as a major supplier for school uniforms. For the past 3 decades, every child in Lebanon wore clothes from Khabbaz. After being away from the spotlight for some time, Khabbaz was then acquired by a new retail group, Wefashion. Wefashion’s aim is to relaunch Khabbaz, since it is held dear by many Lebanese and it is part of Lebanon’s heritage. The iconic brand returned and introduced its fresh, young and vibrant identity under the ‘Just for KDZ’ slogan to bring a whole new world of surprises to youngsters all over Lebanon. The new branding now features a playful touch, one that truly captures kids’ unique personality throughout the store. Visit the new Khabbaz concept store, just for KDZ, where your children can play and choose from a great variety of trendy and modern collections.

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Fashion meets fun

The overall concept of the store is dedicated to the little ones. From the entrance, to the play area, to our interactive products, to the customized packaging, every corner of Khabbaz is just for kids.

Khabbaz is back, offering you new outfits, shoes and accessories at affordable prices for children. More than a store, Khabbaz is a place to dress, play and make friends. It provides you with a real customer experience through the concept store and our customer service, which focuses on kids’ well-being.




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